The American Tri-Five Association chooses HILBORN Fuel Injection for ’57 Chevy giveaway car

At HILBORN Fuel Injection we love the Tri-Five Chevy’s and we are extremely proud to be chosen as the induction of choice for the The American Tri-Five Associations ’57 Chevy giveaway car.

woodys-57gasser-2017The American Tri-Five Association, in conjunction with Woody’s Hot Rodz is building an all new ’57 Chevy to commemorate the 60th anniversary of one of the most iconic cars to ever come out of Detroit…gasser style.




img_20160813_150138821Starting with a custom frame draped with a new body from Woody’s Hot Rodz, the ’57 gasser will rely on BBC power topped with a complete EFI kit from HILBORN Fuel Injection.





So come by the Danchuk booth at SEMA 2017 for the official unveiling and make plans now to attend the Tri-Five Nationals for your chance to not only win the most iconic of all the Chevy’s but also the most iconic of tributes.

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