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  • I have a 6-71 supercharged early Chrysler Hemi in my hot rod. After putting 30K miles on the dual quad set up I had, I made the switch to a Hilborn 4-port EFI set up. On their advice I used all Holley electronic components, which they supplied, including a very good customized base map for the Holley HP computer. I installed and tuned the system on my laptop. This is the first EFI conversion I have done and I could not be happier with the results. Classic looks, great performance and better mileage. Their tech support is second to none. They were user friendly, patient and very knowledgeable. In short, I'm I happy customer!

    Gary Boler
  • I am extremely happy how the project turned out. Hilborn had in depth answers to all my questions when I converted the car from Mechanical Hilborn on alcohol to EFI on 93 pump gas.  

    Wayne Wicks
  • I want to share my memorable experience working with the Hilborn family and especially Andy Starr at the 2018 NSRA Nat's in Louisville, Ky. My '68 Chevy C10 has a BBC with Hilborn EFI 8 stack and makes my truck get special attention. Using the videos Part1 and Part2 supplied by Hilborn I was able to get my motor running and had impressive performance. After learning Hilborn was going to be at Louisville I wanted Andy to check my set up. After making some mechanical adjustments and tuning to my driving style, the throttle response and acceleration is awesome. I think Hilborn is an outstanding EFI unit and these people know their product.

    Charlie M, St, C Oh
  • "Andy Starr and all the crew at Hilborn do an OUTSTANDING job with product manufacturing and support. We have had a few opportunities to install and tune Hilborn units and are always happy with the finished product!  As installers we are always concerned about the performance and finish of the product and Hilborn always meets our demands!"

    Dale Cherry, Owner Injection Connection, Horsham PA
  • "My Dad used Hilborn on his race cars since day one, and when we started to build custom cars with EFI the only choice for us was Hilborn. A great product and fantastic support, why would we go anywhere else?"

    Mike Chrisman, Owner CARS (Chrisman Auto Rod Specialties)
  • "I have never been so impressed by a "bolt-on" part that ads power.  Not only has the Hilborn EFI changed how my '57 Chevy runs at full throttle, but it has changed how it starts, idles, runs and performs in all ranges.  I am a true believer in this product."

    Chris Sondles, Owner Woody's Hot Rodz
  • A couple of pictures to add to your gallery. SBC 7liter Hydroplane. Your products are the best. Thanks!  

    Doug B
  •   "We got that boat fired up today after the firmware update and man it runs awesome!!!! Boat fired right up our tuner took over and spent the day fine tuning it . Throttle response is impressive. Thanks again for all the help with electrical issue and your quick response to all my call and emails. Good customer service is hard to find these days and you have got to be one of the best at it!!!"

    Brian D. - Mike Ford Racing Engines

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