Weldon DB2015-A Fuel Pump


The Weldon DB2015-A supports 1000hp, offers consistent fuel delivery and is very reliable. The DB2015-A is compatible with gasoline, alcohol and E85.

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Product Description

The Weldon DB2015-A supports 1000hp, offers consistent fuel delivery and is very reliable. The DB2015-A is compatible with gasoline, alcohol and E85.

Maximum Horsepower Rating:

  • 1000 hp @ 14V EFI (500 hp on Methanol)
  • 1500 hp @ 14V Carb (525 hp on Methanol)

Current Fluids:

  • Weldon Pump offers the widest range of fluid compatibility.
  • Gasoline – Diesel – Methanol – Nitromethane – All racing fuels


  • Includes lifetime warranty from Weldon
  • All billet body pumps are 100% serviceable/repairable
  • Breakaway coupling prevents pump/motor damage in the event of contamination
  • Self priming – pump may be mounted above fuel cell, vertical or horizontal mount
  • All internal wear components are 100% metallic,
    no plastic or composite materials are used. Internal pumping elements are made of high speed tool steel and bronze. This results in the longest lasting, highest quality, most durable flow through pump available.
  • Body machined from billet aluminum
  • -12 inlet and -10 outlet
  • For carbureted and injected engines
  • Provides constant performance with no fall-off in flow
  • Precise fuel delivery
  • Blades self-compensating for wear
  • 5.5 lbs


  • WPDB2015A Pump with black anodized aluminum inlet & outlet fittings sells for $728.00

Performance Specifications:

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Additional Information


High Performance Carbureted / Injected

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: Our fuel injectors are manufactured strictly for use with high performance engines for racing and off-highway use only, and are therefore subject to the unusual stresses normally associated with this type of use. Since the operation of these engines is far in excess of the safe limits that are usually set for engines, breakage and failures are common, and are an accepted risk in racing. Also, the history of racing has always been one of trial and error by the users of this type of equipment. Therefore, because of the many unknown factors involved in experimentation, and because of the safe limits being exceeded by virtually every part in the engine, we do not offer a warranty of any kind on our equipment. It is purchased and used by the buyer at his own risk and with this understanding. If any of our parts become defective after purchase, the buyer assumes all cost of service or repair.

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About Weldon Racing Pumps

Industry wide, the Weldon Racing Pumps name has been synonymous with top quality fuel delivery components….but we’ve heard this claim before, about a wide variety of aftermarket suppliers.

Knowing that the fuel system components would reflect the quality of the EFI kits produced by Hilborn, we elected to test the fuel delivery components from various manufacturers. Our testing found that the components from Weldon Racing Pumps were not only the most consistent, they routinely out performed their published spec information.

So that is why Weldon Racing Pumps is the choice for all Hilborn Fuel Injection’s EFI kits. As a Weldon dealer, we can offer you the complete Weldon line of proiducts. Let our experienced staff design a fuel system just for you.