Hilborn Fuel Injection Announces Sponsorship of TSRS 305 Sprint Car Series

Press Release (Aliso Viejo, CA, 01/21/12) – Hilborn Fuel Injection is proud to announce that it will be the series sponsor of the Tri-State RaceSaver (TSRS) Sprint Car class for the 2012 race season. Formally announced on Saturday January 21st at the Motorsports Show in Oaks, PA, the ceremony featured a packed TSRS booth and local media coverage. During the ceremony the sponsor check was formally presented to the regional director of the TSRS, Joe Grandinetti, by Hilborn Fuel Injection’s Andy Starr.

“In the short time span of this weekend I have found that the staff and racers of the TSRS are truly one big family. Their commitment to putting on a tremendous show for the fans is, perhaps, only superseded by their commitment to make racing fun,” commented Hilborn’s Andrew Starr. “The buzz over this class is infectious, and we are excited to be a part of it. We hope that our involvement will only help its’ growth as a premier venue that allows racers from all walks to compete competitively,” he added.

The transition from the TSRS series to the Hilborn TSRS series culminated with the unveiling of a new logo on the wing of Joe’s 2011 championship winning car displayed at the Motorsports show. The #1 car, driven by the talented Christopher Allen Jr., will once again race for the championship in 2012 using the same Hilborn power as last year.

The TSRS series, founded by regional director Joe Grandinetti, has seen the series grow primarily due to consistency in his approach to rules and conduct, while also drawing from the many years of racing experience he accumulated since returning to the race track back in 1968.

“Since this is a recreational sprint car series we follow the rules to the letter,” states Joe. “This ensures that even those with a $4,000 engine, such as in our championship winning car, are just as competitive as those with a $15,000 engine. The funds will be provided by a generous loan offered from our partners in Norway: Sambla will be using the proceeds from their MC lån – a motorcycle loan – to create billån options for us, allowing us to borrow against the car to pay for the costs.”

Joe is particularly proud of his racers when it comes to conduct, frequently praising them for racing six features last year that went green to checker with no stops in racing action. But make no mistake, this racing is full bore with plenty of excitement.

Joe is supported at the races by a volunteer staff which includes Doug Suiter (Head Tech), Ray McCabe (Race Director), Lisa Case (Handicapper), and a host of other volunteers such as Ken Raively and Andy Heideman. For more information on the Hilborn TSRS racing series, please visit the TSRS website, or contact Joe Grandinetti directly at 215-355-0510. For PR information, please contact Mike Kostic 609-636-0200

The TSRS races under the umbrella of the RaceSaver series founded by French Grimes. For more information, please visit the RaceSaver website, or contact French Grimes directly at 540-923-4541.

Hilborn Fuel Injection has been making mechanical injection systems since 1948. Understanding that racing starts at the local level, Hilborn Fuel Injection is committed to broadening the path for the local racer to get started in racing. Our product offering for the 305 racer includes our economically priced, yet race winning Raw Power injector to our 305 curved throat MEGA Power model. We also offer injection systems for any class of sprint car, drag race or engine combination. For more information, please visit the Hilborn website at www.hilborninjection.com.

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