Isn’t the Hilborn manifold technology “old school”?

In actuality nothing could be further from the truth. When one examines the dynamic inside a common plenum manifold, it is easy to understand how the disruptive reversion pulses from adjacent cylinders slam into the columns of laminar flow, causing fuel to fall out of suspension and separate with the air. This affects low speed torque, top end power and acceleration rate since the working fluid is supplied to the combustion chamber in a less burnable state and with reduced volume.

On the other hand, the isolated runners of a HILBORN individual runner (IR) manifold completely eliminate these reversion pulses, allowing the working fluid to remain in laminar flow, generating tremendous air speed which fills the cylinder for maximum power potential. In racing venues where IR manifolds are legal they are the dominate induction system. Super car manufacturers, including Ferrari and Maserati, use IR technology to build maximum potential for their street cars, proving that there is no better induction system for your application.

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