HILBORN manifolds are bred from our racing heritage and are designed to make maximum power. Our manifolds are a true individual runner (IR) manifold and are not conversions, instead, they are engineered at the foundry level to accept the EFI components. We have also found that one size doesn’t fit all, so our manifolds are flexible enough to fit engines with unique heads and various deck heights. Also, we offer a choice of butterfly sizes that allows us to tailor the manifold to meet, or exceed, the power expectations of your engine without compromise to drivability. No one gives you more choices than HILBORN.

A true IR does not suffer from the disruptive cylinder to cylinder reversion pulses associated with a common plenum intake or IR manifolds with a plenum chamber. These pulses promote fuel separation from the air carrier, the slowing of air movement in the manifold, and the inability to realize engine potential due to poor cylinder fill and burn characteristics in the combustion chamber.

However, the IR design of the HILBORN manifold isolates these pulses, allowing the engine to make more bottom end torque, have increased throttle response and, most importantly, to accelerate faster. Most applications will also see a significant increase in top end power. Elimination of these reversion pulses is also responsible for our excellent low speed drivability, even with aggressive camshafts.

To read more about plenums and IR manifolds, visit our conversation titled “what is a true individual runner manifold?” on our FAQ page.